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  • FAICD in progress
  • BSc Civil Engineering (HND)

Ben has a mature emotional intelligence which enables him to understand what, why and how to negotiate the best out of a situation. His strong communication skills provide him with the toolkit to transact successful and strategic outcomes with key stakeholders who often have diverging needs.

Ben has 17 years’ experience managing projects in the rail and civil infrastructure industry. His passion and experience make it easy for him to inspire, manage and lead teams on a multi project program of works. He will lift multi-disciplinary teams to overcome issues, mitigate risk, plan, develop, design, procure and deliver infrastructure projects. He has successfully led teams in both the client and Tier 1 management roles. Ben has excellent experience in procurement and project management.

Ben has excellent experience in the transport infrastructure environment. He understands linear infrastructure, systems, standards and safety culture required to deliver successful road and rail assets. Having worked across both the northern and southern hemisphere on major transport contracts he brings a depth of maturity and lessons learned in rail constructability and complex construction contract procurement.